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Explore Serax's world of refined design, where elegance meets functionality in every piece, from tableware to home decor. Buy now on SHOPDECOR®


From Belgian Roots to Global Acclaim

What started as a passion for vases and pots, soon turned into an internationally acclaimed brand. Serax is not just about products; it's about telling a story through each beautifully crafted piece, be it in a home or a high-end restaurant.

Collaborations with Renowned Designers

Serax's journey is marked by prestigious collaborations with designers like Ann Demeulemeester, Bea Mombaers and Marie Michielssen. Their vision and creativity have significantly contributed to the brand's unique collections, making every Serax item a statement of style and elegance.

Iconic Serax Creations

The brand's signature items such as the Base plate, Fish&Fish bottle and Flora Vulgaris cutlery have redefined table aesthetics. Serax's ability to blend functionality with artistic design makes these products not just utensils but centerpieces of any dining experience.

More Than Just Tableware

Serax's range extends beyond tableware, encompassing a variety of products like plant pots and plates. Each piece, crafted with care and precision, reflects the brand's dedication to beauty, functionality, and innovation.

A Brand for the Connoisseurs

Whether it's the Yotam Ottolenghi collection or the minimalist elegance of its pots and plates, Serax continues to charm design enthusiasts around the globe. Each Serax creation is not just an object; it's an experience, a journey into the world of refined aesthetics.

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