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Transformative Design Philosophy

In the 1980s, a new vision emerged under Stefano and Maria Seletti, infusing fresh ideas into the company. The "Estetico Quotidiano" collection, featuring fine porcelain and pyrex glass, redefined everyday objects as artistic creations.

Iconic Collaborations and Products

Working with designers like CtrlZak, Alessandro Zambelli and Studio Job, Seletti has created iconic pieces such as the Monkey wall lamp, the Love in Bloom heart vase, and the Hybrid Adelma porcelain vase – each a testament to the brand's creative spirit.

A Global Design Icon

Seletti's reach extends globally, with branches in North America and China. The brand's unique lamps, mirrors, vases, and chairs not only fulfil practical needs but also add artistic flair to everyday living.

The Seletti Aesthetic: Art in Daily Life

Seletti stands out for its ability to blend unusual designs with daily needs, bringing artfully crafted objects into the homes of those who cherish elegance, design, and a touch of whimsy in their living spaces.

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