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Discover the new portable lamps

Elevate your space with our Luxury Lighting Collection, featuring exclusive designs from top brands and designers Buy now on SHOPDECOR®


Step into a world where lighting transcends mere functionality and becomes a pivotal aspect of your interior and exterior decor. Our exclusive Lighting Collection features an exquisite range from renowned brands like Danese Milano, Karman, and Serax, providing you with unparalleled quality and style.

Iconic Designs by World-Class Designers

Embrace the art of lighting with creations from esteemed designers such as Ann Demeulemeester and Edmondo Testaguzza. Each piece in our collection is a testament to their visionary craftsmanship, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Modern Lamps to Outdoor Appliques: Diversity in Illumination

Whether it's the sleek sophistication of modern lamps for your living room, the bold statement of design wall lamps for corridors, or the practical elegance of outdoor lights for your garden spaces, our collection caters to all your lighting needs. Our luxury lamps are not just illuminating spaces; they're transforming them.

Explore our range and let your spaces glow with the warmth, style, and sophistication they deserve.

Indoor lamps

Luxury Indoor Lamps: Illuminate Your Home with Elegance |

Exclusive Lighting

Brighten your home with our luxury indoor lamps. Elegant designs, modern aesthetics, and exclusive styles – discover the perfect lighting to complement your decor and add a touch of elegance to any room. Illuminate in style – Explore our collection for exquisite lighting solutions!

Outdoor lamps

Outdoor Lighting Redefined: Luxury Lamps for Every Garden|

Shop Unique Designs

Transform your outdoor areas with our luxury outdoor lamps. Unique designs that offer both style and functionality, perfect for any outdoor setting. Illuminate your nights – Experience elegance outdoors with our exclusive range. Celebrate in style summer season!