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Luxurious bowls and salad bowls from Bordallo Pinheiro, Schönhuber Franchi, Vista Alegre. Exquisite designs for elegant dining. Buy now on SHOPDECOR®

Bowls and Salad bowls

Introducing a selection of luxury bowls and salad bowls from the world's leading brands. Our collection, featuring Bordallo Pinheiro, Schönhuber Franchi, and Vista Alegre, along with designs by Ann Van Hoey and Sergio Herman, offers unparalleled elegance for your table setting.

Crafted Perfection in Every Bowl

Whether it's a ceramic salad bowl for your healthy creations, a glass bowl for salad adding a touch of contemporary chic, or a wood salad bowl for a more rustic feel, our collection caters to all tastes and occasions. Each piece is a work of art, perfect for making a statement.

A Collection for Every Style

Our range includes sets of bowls to complete your dining experience. Whether you prefer a classic bowl of glass or a set of 4 bowls for variety, we have something to suit your style. Ideal for both intimate family dinners and grand gatherings.

Experience the blend of functionality and luxury with our bowls and salad bowls collection. Transform your dining moments into an exquisite experience.

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