Versace Home: A Fusion of Luxury and Design



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Experience the epitome of luxury with Versace Home. Discover exquisite glassware, vases, and frames. Italian elegance redefined. Buy now on SHOPDECOR®


Versace Home emerges as a beacon of luxury in the design world, a name synonymous with elegance, innovation, and craftsmanship. Established in 1992 by the visionary Gianni Versace, the Versace Home has transcended the boundaries of fashion, bringing opulence and sophistication into our living spaces.

Iconic Collaborations: The Rosenthal Alliance

The partnership with Rosenthal, a name famed for its excellence and quality, marked a pivotal moment in Versace Home's journey. This collaboration birthed collections that seamlessly blend Rosenthal's artisanal prowess with Versace's daring aesthetics. The union is exemplified in the Medusa whisky glasses, the La Scala del Palazzo plate, and the Jungle Animalier vase, each a testament to the Versace Home's commitment to sophistication and style.

Signature Products: A Story of Elegance and Extravagance

Versace Home's products are more than mere items; they are symbols of luxury and exclusivity. The brand's distinct glassware, vases and table accessories encapsulate its philosophy of blending tradition with modernity, creating pieces that are both timeless and contemporary.

The Essence of Versace Home: Beyond Fashion

Versace Home stands not just as a brand but as a lifestyle. Each design, from tableware to home accessories, carries the unmistakable Versace flair, offering an immersive experience into a world where luxury is a standard and beauty is in every detail.

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