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About us

Shopdecor is an online store, specialized in carefully selecting and proposing the best design products of international brands.

Shopdecor is a way of furnishing: our e-shop is modern history as a continuation of our tradition and experience; the virtual showcase of our showroom with the aim of expanding our refined design tastes all over the world, with simultaneous functionality and quality.

Our proposals are regularly renewed as our team carefully selects and proposes all the news, product innovations, new emerging brands and new product categories.

OVER 15.000 ITEMS - A rich and complete catalog: seats, tables, sofas and armchairs, furnishing accessories, lighting, tableware and accessories for the kitchen.

100% ORIGINAL PRODUCTS - All the products in the online catalog are original and we guarantee that they are not replicas of the brand marked on the product.

COMPETITIVE PRICES - Direct contact with producers, without the intervention of intermediaries and / or distributors, allows us to offer all products at exceptional prices.

HOME DELIVERIES - We carefully select partner carriers to ensure fast and safe shipping. Products are very delicate and fragile and therefore we require our partner carriers to pay particular attention to package handling.

MAXIMUM PROTECTION BEFORE AND AFTER PURCHASE - Our IT systems guarantee the protection of privacy and security both during navigation and throughout the purchase process. ... but after the purchase? The goods could be insured during transport, there is a legal guarantee on the product, an assistance service available ... but not only. Within 14 (fourteen) days of receipt of the products, in line with current legislation, Shopdecor allows the return of the products and the refund of the price paid.

TELL US ABOUT YOUR SPACES AND WE'LL GIVE YOU THE BEST SOLUTION - Even if you have very small spaces to furnish, we always gives original solutions, choice of the most suitable colors for the environment: our interior designers are always available to respond to your requests: an environment, a solution, a special customer!


Today, SHOPDECOR stands as a beacon of professionalism, punctuality, and passion. A great family serving a global clientele, each member dedicated to ensuring that every customer experience is not just a transaction, but a journey through a world where beauty, quality, and innovation intertwine to create something extraordinary.


In our story, every chapter is a milestone, every page a testament to a legacy of excellence and vision. Here, the past, present, and future merge into a timeless narrative of beauty and innovation, a brand story that continues to inspire and captivate.



Cazzago San Martino (BS)
14, Via G.Donizetti
+39 (030) 7731814


Cazzago San Martino (BS)
71, Via Caduti
+39 (030) 7731814