Qeeboo: Redefining Art and Design in Modern Furnishings



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Founded in 2016 by Stefano Giovannoni, Qeeboo has emerged as a beacon of innovative Italian design. Blending art and functionality, Qeeboo creates unique design pieces, making its style accessible throughout the world.

Creative Minds Behind Qeeboo's Magic

Collaborating with designers like Elisa Giovannoni, Marco Oggian, and Studio Job, Qeeboo brings life to imaginative products. The Rabbit chair, the enchanting Giraffe In Love lamp, and the iconic Kong lamp are just a few examples that combine whimsical aesthetics with practical utility.

Qeeboo's Iconic Collections: A Blend of Form and Function

Qeeboo extends beyond chairs to include a wide range of furniture, lighting solutions, and home accessories. Each piece is a testament to Qeeboo's commitment to innovative design and functionality.

Qeeboo Today: A Global Design Icon

With a presence in various countries, Qeeboo stands as a symbol of Italian design prowess, merging advanced industrial techniques with a playful and ergonomic approach to create timeless pieces for modern living spaces.

Discover Qeeboo – where every design tells a story, transcending the ordinary into something truly extraordinary.

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