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Discover Flos: A symbol of design and innovation in lighting. Iconic lamps and collaborations that define modern lighting aesthetics Buy now on SHOPDECOR®


Explore the world of Flos, where lighting isn't just about illumination but a statement of art and innovation. Rooted in Bovezzo, near Brescia, the company has been a beacon in the lighting industry for over 50 years. This Italian maestro has consistently blended tradition with groundbreaking design, resulting in lighting solutions that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

A Confluence of Master Minds: Grcic, Morrison, Starck

Renowned designers like Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, and Philippe Starck have infused their creativity into Flos's portfolio. Their collaboration has elevated Flos lamps to iconic status, each piece a narrative of design excellence.

Iconic Creations: Arco, Bellhop and Zeppelin

From the graceful curves of the Arco floor lamp to the portable elegance of the Bellhop lamp, and the majestic Zeppelin pendant, each Flos creation is a testament to innovation and timeless design. These pieces do not just light up spaces; they transform them.

Flos's Spectrum: From Floor to Sky

With a range that includes Flos floor lamps, table lamps, outdoor lighting, and more, Flos continues to lead the way in lighting solutions. Whether it's for professional settings or personal spaces, Flos's lights are designed to impress.

As a pioneer in the world of lighting, Flos remains committed to its core values of quality, innovation, and Italian design excellence, lighting up our lives with every creation.

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