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Step into the world of Toiletpaper Home, where creativity knows no bounds. Founded in 2010 by the dynamic duo of Italian haute-couture photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari and acclaimed artist Maurizio Cattelan, Toiletpaper Home emerged as a groundbreaking photo-magazine. With roots firmly planted in both Milan and New York, the brand quickly captured the imagination of art enthusiasts worldwide.

Groundbreaking Creations: Cattelan & Ferrari's Vision

Renowned for their out-of-the-box thinking, Maurizio Cattelan & Pierpaolo Ferrari have infused their artistic genius into iconic products like the Gold Frame Lipsticks mirror and the Rug Lady On Carpet, creating a surreal home decor experience.

Signature Pieces: Bold and Unconventional

Each Toiletpaper Home piece, from the whimsical Toad mug to the eclectic cushions, is a conversation starter, reflecting a deep connection with the provocative spirit of Toiletpaper magazine.

SELETTI Collaboration: A Marriage of Art and Utility

In collaboration with Seletti, Toiletpaper Home's collection transcends traditional boundaries, offering a fresh perspective on everyday objects, combining practicality with a pop-art flair.

Today's Toiletpaper Home: Iconic and Accessible

Today, Toiletpaper Home stands as a testament to creativity and courage in design, making high art accessible and bringing a touch of eccentricity to the modern home.

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