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Serralunga is a leading outdoor furniture company founded in Biella in 1825. Born as tannery, then moved into leather processing for industrial purposes and over the years it has undergone important transformation. In 1900 Serralunga attends the First World Expo held in Paris. Around 1950 took place the first transformation, which was possible with the processing of plastic, the raw material that is still the brand’s feature today. In the 1980s there has been the second revolution, characterized by the rotational moulding technique imported from the U.S.A., an innovative technology that allows the production of hollow objects of up to 3.000 liters. Specialized in the production of vases, Marco Serralunga and Luisa Bocchietto began to work with about 20 international designers in order to produce a collection with spectacular new shapes and uses, capable to transform a purely functional object like a pot into an extraordinarily decorative furnishing item. It was only a short step from pots to other outdoor furniture items like chairs, tables and lamps, reinvented to give outdoor spaces like gardens, terraces and swimming pools the same importance as the indoor has. This led Serralunga in 2010 to embrace its “Living Different” philosophy: breaking from routine, revolutionizing traditional environments are the key words of Serralunga’s philosophy. The company has been based in the same place for almost two centuries and its production is totally concentrated in Italy, Biella, always believing in the “Made in Italy” philosophy.

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