Sambonet: Timeless Elegance in Tableware Design



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Founded in 1856 by Giuseppe Sambonet, an alumnus of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sambonet has long been a beacon of luxury in tableware and cutlery. Throughout the decades, collaborations with distinguished designers like Gio Ponti, Anna Castelli Ferrieri, and Gianni Cinti have led to iconic creations. These include the elegant Bambus cutlery set, the sophisticated Contour cutlery set, and the exquisite Gio Ponti centerpiece, each reflecting Sambonet's commitment to excellence in design and functionality.

Renowned Designers and Iconic Creations

Sambonet's partnership with leading designers has resulted in products that are not only functional but also works of art. The brand is recognized for its cutlery, including the famed 18 90 Argento line, which showcases the perfect blend of innovation and tradition.

Innovation in Stainless Steel and Silver Plating

The 1930s marked a pivotal era for Sambonet as it pioneered the stainless steel cutlery manufacturing and silver plating techniques. This innovation cemented its place as a leader in luxurious tableware.

Sambonet Today: A Global Tableware Icon

Now part of the Paderno group, Sambonet continues to lead in crafting high-quality design items for both home and luxury hospitality settings, ensuring that each piece from Sambonet is a testament to the finest Italian craftsmanship.

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