The Art of Elegance: Broggi's Legacy in Tableware



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Since its inception in 1818, Broggi has been an emblem of sophistication in the Italian and international tableware markets. Originating as a small workshop in Milan, Broggi has evolved tremendously, balancing its prestigious and classical heritage with a keen eye on modern and contemporary design trends.

Innovation Meets Tradition

Renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship, Broggi collaborates with illustrious designers like Gualtiero Marchesi and Broggi Design. Their combined expertise has led to iconic products such as the sleek Stiletto cutlery, the elegant Belgioioso cutlery, and the innovative table lamp Nuvola. These pieces are not just utensils but are artistic statements that blend functionality with luxury.

A Symphony of Style and Function

Broggi's collections, especially the famed Marchesi series, exemplify the brand's commitment to excellence. This line, born from the collaboration with the internationally acclaimed chef Gualtiero Marchesi, is a testament to Broggi's dedication to creating cutlery that enhances gastronomic experiences. With a constant pursuit of perfect proportions, premium materials, and refined aesthetics, Broggi's tableware, silverware, knives, and lamps set the standard in high-quality, made-in-Italy cutlery.

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